Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn in Every Season

Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn in Every Season

Get seasonal leaf cleanup services in Clarksville, Boydton & Chase City, VA

The trees around your landscape may help to beautify your property, but they can leave a big mess in the fall. Instead of spending all weekend raking and picking up leaves, hire the professionals at Woodswalker Tree Service to get it done quickly.

We offer full leaf cleanup services for homes and businesses throughout Clarksville, VA. No matter the size of your lawn, we'll rake up and haul away all fallen leaves so you can enjoy your lawn a little more.

Contact us in Clarksville, Boydton & Chase City, VA today to schedule your seasonal yard cleanup.

Is your lawn ready for winter?

Picking up fallen leaves around your lawn may not seem that important, but a yard full of leaves can cause big problems around your property. Hire Woodswalker Tree Service for seasonal yard cleanup and prevent:

  • Insects or wildlife from nesting under leaves.
  • Leaf decay from killing the grass underneath.
  • Personal injury by slipping on wet leaves.

Leave your seasonal leaf cleanup services to Woodswalker Tree Service; call today.