A Fallen Tree Is a Safety Hazard

A Fallen Tree Is a Safety Hazard

Get 24/7 emergency tree services for your Clarksville, Boydton or Chase City, VA property

Once a tree falls down, you have a big project on your hands. Trust Woodswalker Tree Service for fast, dependable tree removal in the Clarksville, Boydton & Chase City, VA area. Our team is on-call 24/7 to make sure you have access to service when you need it most.

You never know when a storm is going to hit. Luckily, you can depend on us for 24-hour emergency tree services. Call us now to make an appointment.

When should you call?

Not every tree removal is an emergency. However, when a tree falls down and creates a safety risk, it’s important to have a 24-hour team on speed dial.
You need emergency tree services if a fallen tree is...

  • Blocking your driveway or sidewalk
  • Leaning against power lines
  • Touching or close to your home




Cutting down and hauling away trees is dangerous without the right equipment. Hire a professional for tree removal services today by calling 434-374-7518.